• Custom page by clicking on the group name.

  • Default bookmark on cluster app.


  • An issue with card resizing.

  • Group name on the home cards.

  • Opening of links at the root level of the menu.

  • Opening cluster app without menu when sheets are displayed in the main menu.

  • Maintenance of state in the cluster app filter menu when opening pop-ups on native objects.

  • Update the default image to match the default theme.



  • Possibility to configure a customized page when creating or editing a group.

  • The list of card objects now displays the object name.

  • Ability to add custom links to the root of the menu.

  • Link to the NewHub documentation page.


  • Synchronization of settings between sessions.

  • Display only the items listed in the links tab.

  • Addition of UUID in link creation/editing to resolve update issues.

  • CSS tweak in the group edit modal on mashup pages.

  • Update the configuration page when making changes to groups/subgroups (renaming, deleting).

  • Display a message when there are no configured subgroups in the Link Sheets section of the cluster app.

  • Display a message when there are no configured groups.

  • Closing of the subgroup modal when clicking on "X".

  • Label in subgroup editing.

  • Now unique session and sequential cards load have a default value.

  • Addition of the new cluster website to useful links.

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