This version comes with fixes and administrative features that were requested from our clients.


  • User Access Details: Now displays the last access date of users with a capacity license.

  • User Management:

    • User Deletion: Customers with a paid license can now delete users;

    • User Unlock: Customers with a paid license can now unlock users by themselves;

  • Bookmark Link: Enabled the publication of bookmark links on NewHub.

Bug Fixes

  • Link Creation/Editing: Fixed an issue where icons were not displaying when creating/editing links.

  • Capacity License: Resolved the issue where users with a capacity license were stuck at 75% loading.

  • Filters - Panel Popup Header: Fixed the issue where buttons were not appearing in the popup panel header during filtering.

  • Admin - Card Editing: Fixed the loop issue occurring when editing a card and trying to search for an app.

  • App Switching: Fixed a bug where switching between apps with the same filters but different data bases did not update the right menu bar.

  • Root Display - Item Filtering: Fixed an issue where in some cases only items in groups were displayed, omitting those in the root when filtering to "only listed" on NewHub.

  • Favorites URL Addition: Fixed the error that caused NewHub to open twice when adding its own URL to custom links.

  • Link Page - Table Size: Adjusted the table to a larger size to facilitate visualization and use on smaller screens.

  • App Refresh - Non-configured Apps: Fixed the issue where refreshing opened an app that wasn't configured, potentially opening any app in this manner.

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